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You have some old PC and don't know what to do with it?
Or you want to donate new computers?
Find a better place for them, Donate to the people in need.

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You can register as a donator - you have some old PC that you don't use anymore and want to donate, or requestor - you need some IT equipment for you/your company and don't have enough resources to buy them

Find each other

You can list the donators/requestors, check the city/country that they have registered, and if they are in the same city of you - to send them a message.

Get in contact

Call the donator/requestor and understand about the delivery and quontity

Be happy

You have done the job. The old computers found a new home. Now they can be used for better future.

If you wish to donate your old PC, or to donate a new one, simply register your details on the site and when a nearby person requires your PC, you will be contacted.

If you need a PC, you have to register with your request details and reasons for the request. You will receive notification when there is nearby donator, or when donator send you personaly donation.

We are living in the days when computers are an indispensable part of our daily routine. We are using them for work, play, communication, development. Many people in the world don't have enough money to buy a computer equipment. That is the purpose of this site. It provides a way for anyone who has any IT equipment which does not need anymore to find a second life of it. Nobody knows who is the next Einstein, but we can help to find him!

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